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Our Goals

Dare2Care hospital offers affordable, general and preventative health care for all ages in the  communities where we operate. We utilize locally trained medical staff and when possible  will arrange for trainee doctors in diseases management from the Netherlands to visit and work in the hospital for additional work experience in the tropics. With modern medical equipment, sound medically trained staff, a properly co-ordinated referral system from other hospital Dare2Care hospital will maximize the care for each patient and we become well known around the communities. We also collaborate with other hospitals, healh institutions and health centers whereby different sorts of clinical surgeons, radiographers, radiologists, maternity matrons and nurses, medical insurance experts, accident and emergency doctors from Amachara, Ugwueke, Okigwe, Aba, Enugu, Port Harcourt, the Federal Medical Center Umuahia, private ambulance and mortuaries centers to help strengthen our hospital’s capacity locally. We ensure a smooth network with credit donors and sponsors and their auditors to provide donors and sponsors with feed backs and updates on progress of our medical project. Donors and sponsors will have unristricted access to complete and comprehensive reports on a continuing basis throughout the project’s life cycle.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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