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About Us

Dare2Care Hospital is founded by us (Jonathan Ogidi-Nwankwo and Nicoline Tresfon-Ogidi-Nwankwo) through our Foundation (using same name - Dare2Care) on the backdrop of the birth of our son Miracle at the Federal Medical Centre in Umuahia, Nigeria on August 8, 2013 under very challenging medical conditions. The near-to-death experience of mother and child due to lack of adequate medical facilities in the hospital and consequently resulted in the deaths of babies in the children's emergency unit touched us. The memory of the pitiful incident abided in our thoughts as we returned to the Netherlands and eventually turned out to be the driving force for setting up the foundation in the same year, and subsequently culmunated into setting up Dare2Care hospital in Umuahia.


Since setting up the foundation we have campaigned for various kinds of donations ranging from funds, medical equipment and materials, ambulance, clothes and have embarked on different kinds of emergencies and philanthropic activities in Nigeria including FMC Umuahia. In 2014 we set up networks for distributing the donation and emergency reliefs and ensuring that we are on ground to supervise their delivery to the hospitals and end users. By 2016 we had accomplished this set goals and objectives with setting up a hospital and in 2017, we took up further challenges in setting up a befitting maternity center to complement the hospital, in the rural communities far from the FMC in Umuahia and to reach out to local people in the surrounding communities in order to access to modern maternity setting.

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