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Welcome To Dare2Care

Hospital & Maternity

A highlight of the various medical projects Dare2Care management embarked upon in past years include but not limited to:

- Hospital & Maternity in 2017

- Laboratory in 2017

- Theatre in 2018

- Ambulance & Emergency in 2018

- HIV/AIDS Test & Treatment Center in 2019

- Intensive Care in 2019

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Stichting Dare2Care richt zich erop om premature, pasgeboren en zieke kinderen in het Federale Medisch Centrum Umuahia (FMCU) in Nigeria een betere kans op overleven te bieden. Stichting Dare2Care is een doelgerichte liefdadigheidsorganisatie op basis van eigen ervaring van ontoereikende medische voorzieningen in de FMCU.

Why Dare2Care Hospital Was Founded

Dare2Care Hospital is founded by us (Jonathan Ogidi-Nwankwo and Nicoline Tresfon-Ogidi-Nwankwo) through our Foundation (using same name - Dare2Care) on the backdrop of the birth of our son Miracle at the Federal Medical Centre in Umuahia, Nigeria on August 8, 2013 under very challenging medical conditions. The near-to-death experience of mother and child due to lack of adequate medical facilities in the hospital and consequently resulted in the deaths of babies in the children's emergency unit touched us. The memory of the pitiful incident abided in our thoughts as we returned to the Netherlands and eventually turned out to be the driving force for setting up the foundation in the same year, and subsequently culmunated into setting up Dare2Care hospital in Umuahia. 


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Dare2Care Hospital & Maternity

Location: 52, Eket Street by Enugu Road, Umuahia, Abia State of Nigeria

Tel No: 08188486628


Dare2Care Diagnostic Centre

Location: 45, Finbarrs Road by Azikwe Road

Umuahia, Abi State, Nigeria

Tel N: 08188486628


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